We can make the perfect diamond engagement ring for you...


In well cut diamonds all the light that enters the top is reflected out. Labs have different criteria when looking at the cut.Gia is very strict. The cut is the human element in the diamond.To cut an excellent Gia requires a lot of skill. The cut affects the sparkle of the diamond.


Carat is a seed from a tree in Africa and each seed has a mass of 0.2 grams.These seeds were used to trade in Africa they were a currency. So a 1ct diamond has a mass of 0.2 grams.


Clarity is the internal perfection of the diamond.


Diamonds appear in all colours, each colour is assigned an alphabetical letter. Visibly white diamonds are from D-I in colour.D is the whitest.Diamonds from J-k show a slight yellow tinge. Generally engagement rings in white metals should use diamonds between D-I in colour and yellow gold diamond rings from J-k.

There are different was to make diamond Engagement Rings. Some rings are actually handmade in metal. Others are drawn on cad then printed in 3d and cast. It is very similar to fine art. Some paintings are originals and others prints. Most Diamond Engagement Rings today are mass produces and have a limited life span due to metal porosity and unskilled labour. We are proud to say that we hand make all our diamond rings and believe in good old school craftsmanship.

The Platinum is melted in a crucible with a small hand held flame. It is then hammered and forged into bars and wires (This is very important as it compacts the molecules in the metal making it more flexible) On the contrary cast rings are porous and very brittle. The metal is then filled, carved and engraved by hand into shape. This takes a lot of skill as the goldsmith works to one 10th of a millimeter in accuracy. These are little miracles of human perfection. Claws must be straight and strong, but they should still be elegant.

We understand that an engagement is a decision you make that lasts a lifetime. It is a true gift of love.. Why spoil it with a mass produced item. We are all individuals.